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Spring comes by ZooofAlexandria Spring comes by ZooofAlexandria
Weeks passed, and nothing happened. Well, "nothing" was a bit of an understatement - there was the time Guy got herself stuck in the bathroom window she had developed a habit of climbing through, or the time Copper, who had taken to picking at tailfeathers for attention, startled Beckett so much she wound up on top of the roof and was unable to get down, or the time Marengo, who loved bringing them all gifts, wandered off and could only be found through Eggsy's hysterical calls and Moth's fine nose.
But there was no further sign of the supposed intruders.
Max was hopeful they had just been passing through. Juli, naturally, was more pessimistic, and proclaimed this might be the calm before the storm.
Not that it stopped anyone from daily business - loot must be brought in to keep the rookery running, and now, under the first shy sunrays of spring, scavenging was more pleasant than ever.

Scavenging entry for Egg, Marengo, Pretty fly for a white guy and Jodrell
AP payment for Killer-Kame

I guess Banner is scouting in front to make sure there's nothing that could harm her baby siblings, and the others are in the back making sure the kids didn't overlook anything. Also, I think Eggsy is close to being fed up with that whole parenting thing :D

AP count Firefly
Fullbody 1
Coloured +2
Shaded +1
Background +2
Rider +2
Extra stryx +2
Total 10

AP count Jodrell
All of the above 10
Scavenging +2 (Survivalist)
Total 12
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